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Hi there, i'm Eikin. This is my unprivate diary. So do behave here :)

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----->No Touching Please !!!<-------

Assalammualaikum. Hello fellas! Nice to meet you today even in my blog. Hahah.

Had you seen my new blogskin? Ouchhhh! Its so awesome! I love it. Blogskin ni cukup bermakna buat eikin because, cinta hati eikin yang buat! Grrrr~ ILOVEYOU cinta hati :)) Do you know who is my cinta hati? If you follow me on facebook, i think you know. But, if you dont know who is she? Biar eikin kenalkan okay? 

She had a such beautiful name to me, NurAqlimaa Balqis <3 Nice name right? Siape cakap nama dia tak sedap, eikin tembak! Hahah. A million thanks to her because dah banyak tolong eikin for everything! 

C I N T A  H A T I :)

Tuuuudiaa :D Cantik kan? Wuuu~ I love her style. We had make one words for us, SAME STYLE, SAME HEART, SAME ATTITUDE. Yeahhhh! I love that words. Its have a very big meaning to us. So, for all the bitch there, please dont touch my Cinta Hati! I will make sure she's always happy. Dont ever make her sad. Please? 

By the way, eikin terharu gila bila dia letak nama eikin kat picture dia. Awww <3 Kita pon ade letak, nak tengok? Here you go.

Hee, okbye :)

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